Documentation and method of submission of the Request

A. The documents required for submitting an Initial Connection to the electricity distribution network are:

  1. Application for Initial Connection to the Low Voltage (LV) Network or Application for Initial Connection/Modification of the Connection to the Medium Voltage (MV) 
  2. Verification of Connection with utility networks issued via the “e-Licenses” IT system of the Technical Chamber of Greece by an engineer of your choice. Information about the certificate of connection .
  3. When the total volume of the building after full utilization of the built-surface ratio exceeds 2,500 cubic meters, the applicant must ensure that during the issue of the building permit HEDNO issues a document on the exemption or undertaking of the space as a substation.
  4. When the number of the required meters is equal to or larger than three (3), an approved topographic land survey is required together with the floor plan of the ground floor and the basement for selecting a space for the meters.
  5. For applications on MV, the following additional documents are required:
  • A single line diagram of the determined internal MV and LV installation up to the main switchboard or the main LV switchboards.
  • A topographic diagram of the location of the substation with precise coordinates.

B. For the construction of the supply, it is required that the participation fee which has been shared with the applicant with the Connection Offer is paid, that the agreement on the connection with the network is signed and that the documents required are lawfully issued for the conclusion of the agreement on the connection to the network.

C. The documents required for the activation of the connection to the electricity distribution network are:

  1. Licensed Electrician Certification (LEC) Form. [παραπομπή σε σχετικό link ιστοσελίδας μας]
  2. Solemn Declaration on the specification of Municipal Fees, the Municipal Tax and the Property Tax as certified by the local Municipality, in accordance with the current legislation (Law 25/1975, Law 1080/1980, Law 2130/1993 & Law 3979/2011).
  3. Meter Representation Declaration by the Electricity Supplier that has been selected by the applicant.
  4. For cases of undertaking of a space as a substation, the acquisition or lease agreement.
  5. For industrial - manufacturing facilities, warehouses and professional laboratories, the installation permit or the proof of submission of the disclosure for installing manufacturing or similar activities, as per the current legislation (Law 3325/2005, Law 3982/2011, Law 4155/2013, Law 4442/2016, Law 4549/2018 and Ministerial Decision οικ.64618/856/Φ15/15.06.2018).
  6. For internal electrical installation including a lift, the temporary registration verification or the verification decision for registering an elevator by the competent Municipality, as per the current legislation (JMD Οικ. Φ.9.2/29362/ 1957/ 21.12.2005, Law 3852/2010 Article 94 GG 87Α/07.06.2010).
  7. For agricultural supplies, the report (No1) of the agricultural/technical and agricultural/financial details of the Department of Agricultural and Veterinary Economics by the respective Regional Unit.
  8. For MV connection additional technical documents are required which shall be requested from the unit of HEDNO which has undertaken the implementation of the request.

You can submit your request via the online “Support” app [], by selecting “New Connection” and by attaching the required documents.

For the very limited number of cases that will require the applicant’s physical presence, for example for services whose supply requires signing documents, HEDNO will provide the option of booked appointments at the branches of the areas across Greece, given that applicants first submit a relevant contact request through the abovementioned “Support” app or upon giving us a call at 800 400 4000.