Dear Customer,

Now, you have the possibility to take your meter readings in order to find out your consumption. 
So, you can register the meter readings by yourself every 4 months, so as to cancel the scheduled procedure of estimation upon consumption through the IT systems of HEDNO S.A..

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How often does HEDNO take meter readings?

For standard Low Voltage customers (residences, shops, small businesses etc), HEDNO S.A. takes meter readings every 4 months.

Specifically, for the first 2-month period, HEDNO S.A. uses the estimated consumption, while in the second 2-month period the meter readings are taken by the Company personnel so as to calculate the total consumption of the 4-month period (it is calculated automatically by our IT system as the difference between the current reading and the reading registered by the Company 4 months ago). 

How the estimated consumption is calculated?
The estimated consumptions are calculated automatically by the customer service IT system. It is based on the specific algorithm that consists of the historical consumption data, such as the consumption of the equivalent period of the previous year. Consequently, the specific consumption does not significantly differ from the actual bimonthly period consumption, unless the customer’s consuming habits are differentiated within the last period of time.

Why should I use the metering registration service of HEDNO S.A.?

If you choose to use the metering registration service , then HEDNO S.A. will cancel automatically the scheduled estimation of your consumption and will calculate instead  your total 2-month consumption period which derives from the difference between the readings that you have registered and the readings registered by our Company two months ago.

If you do not use this service, then, it means that you choose the estimated consumption calculation according to the procedure mentioned above.

It is your choice.

When can you give the reading?

Within a period of 5 business days, as listed on the HEDNO website by entering your 11-digit supply number.

Νext registration of an indication in HEDNO:
At 800 400 4000 or  

What you need to know

  • Your supply number
  • Your meter’s reading

What to do

1. Confirm that the Supply Number mentioned on your bill is the same with the Supply Number written on the metal plate on your meter. (in circle on the following figure)

2. Note the readings, omitting the decimal digits displayed with different color.  
(omit the decimal digit that is in circle on the following figure)

3. If you have a meter with two indications, then you should note two readings, the one with the K indication (regular day tariff) and the one with the M indication (reduced night tariff) (please see the circles on the following figure).

How to register your readings:

  • By phone, call 11500 from a landline or a mobile phone, with charges based on the tariff of your telecommunication provider. To avoid additional charges you can call 2111900500 .

A friendly voice will guide you through the service menu and will wait for your instructions suggesting each time the appropriate word in order to continue.    
You can choose to be helped either by the voice command-dialing system or by one of our representative stating the word ΕΚΠΡΟΣΩΠΟΣ (Representative). 

  · Electronically through our website (

If you wish to register the meter readings please press