Under Common Ministerial Decision no.ΥΠΕΝ/ΥΠΡΓ/26359/4101/22.05.2018 of the Minister of Environment and Energy and the Minister of Finance, HEDNO introduced an Environmental Residential Tariff, as aid due to environmental disturbance caused by lignite-related activities.
Beneficiaries include residential consumers within the administrative Region of Western Macedonia and the Municipality of Megaloupoli in the Regional Unit of Arcadia with a total quarterly energy consumption up to 2400 kWh. If quarterly consumption exceeds the limit of 2400 kWh, aid will be applied only for up to 2400 kWh.

This tariff is granted by all Electricity Suppliers and means discount on the residential tariff. The discount for current year 2018 is €0,042/kWh.

The following users are not eligible for this discount:

  • beneficiaries of the Special Residential Tariff for families with many children,
  • beneficiaries of the special energy consumption tariff in compliance with the PCC S.A. Social Welfare Center and in accordance with the provisions under Act of Council of Ministers 127/1990 ΠΥΣ,
  • prosumers who have joined an energy offsetting plan or virtual energy offsetting in accordance with article 14Α of l. 3468/2006,
  • users who benefit from the virtual energy offsetting in accordance with paragraph 10 of article 11 of l. 4513/2018, as in force.

More specifically, this discount is granted to Social Residential Tariff beneficiaries, only for cases where Social Residential Tariff discount does not apply for the applicable four-month period.

Please visit the link below to search for eligible energy supplies and the total number of eligible power supplies for a Municipality