Amendment in view of the Designated Day of completion of Phase A of the electric interconnection of the island of Crete (GG Β΄ 5025/29.10.2021 - RAE 807/27.10.2021)

Amendments regarding the management of the Utility Services Special Account of par. 8, Article 55, Law 4001/2011 (GG Β΄ 4975/27.10.2021 - RAE 749/30.09.2021)

Amendment of provisions on the Network Use Tariffs (GG Β΄ 5502/29.11.2021 - RAE 707/16.09.2021)

Amendment on the payment of Consumer’s charge for use of the Network (GG Β΄ 3292/26.07.2021 - RAE 534/15.07.2021)

Adjustment of the representation procedures for meters and regular clearing in accordance with the Balancing Market (GG Β΄ 4747/27.10.2020 - RAE 1442/22.10.2020)

Amendments of Article 95 (Electricity thefts) (GG Β΄ 5089/18.11.2020 - RAE 1238Α/04.09.2020)

Addition of authorization for the approval by RAE of the HEDNO programme “Guaranteed Services” (GG Β΄ 2936/29.08.2017 - RAE 701/03.08.2017)