Documents required for amendment of Memorandum of Association details for Electric Power Generation Companies, i.e. change of trade name, change of company and/or shareholder structure, change of registered office address or legal representative (with retention of the same VAT Registration No.)
1. Interested parties shall first file an application to the competent HEDNO Regional Department as well as HEDNO’s Islands Network Operation Department (98-100 Syngrou Ave., Athens 117 41). Applications shall include the following documents:

- For the business legalization documents required please refer to the List of Documents Required for Business Legalization.

-Confirmation of change of business activity for non-natural persons issued by the competent local Tax Office (D.O.Y.) for retention of the same VAT Registration No.

-Signature-certified L. 1599/86 solemn declaration where the legal representative states that, following the amendment, all details submitted to HEDNO are true and accurate and have not been modified.

2. Additionally, interested parties -as new operators of the existing power plant self-consumption supply- are required to immediately inform the Supplier who represents them as consumers (in line with the Supplier’s guidelines found on our website), who will then proceed with updating HEDNO’s computer system with all necessary changes.