Charges in the event of verified electricity theft, include:

A) The value of the electricity used, namely the value of the electricity that has not been recorded by the metering device due to unlawful intervention on the device, or the electricity that has not been invoiced due to lack of a purchasing contract (plus VAT). You can read more here

B) HEDNO ‘s operating costs, namely HEDNO’s remuneration for the costs suffered to locate the electricity theft and process the case, including replacement and testing costs for the meter, if necessary (plus VAT). You can read more here

The total charge is fully paid to HEDNO exclusively by transferring the amount to HEDNO’s bank account, using an Electronic Payment Code and the payment methods accepted by the banks cooperating with ΗΕDNO (National Bank, Alpha Bank, Attica Bank, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank).

Debtors will receive a Payment Notice, which will include the Electronic Payment Code for both a lump sum payment and a payment in equal monthly installments.

If the debtors choose to settle the amount due in equal monthly installments, they should know that the installments will be predetermined as per following scheme, and in accordance with the amount of the total claim (electricity value plus 13% VAT + operating costs plus 24% VAT):

Total claim

Number of installments

Up to €600


From €601 to €1200


From €1201 to €2400


From €2401 to €4800


Over  €4800


This scheme of payment applies in all cases, is not subject to change and is not negotiable. Please note that installments should include the full amount as shown on the Payment Notice. The transaction will not be successful, if the debtor pays a smaller or larger amount.

If you do not pay in due time or if you miss the deadline, HEDNO will proceed with terminating the debtor’s power supply, without any additional notices. The user will be reconnected when the debtor settles the total remaining amount.