HEDNO is one of the biggest employers all over the country, directly employing about 7000 people and indirectly 5000 people. The sustainable development strategy starts first of all from the Company and its staff.

The priority for HEDNO is the development and satisfaction of its staff and the establishment of a corporate culture. To this end, projects related to the development of skills and professional growth of its staff wishing to improve the performance, and the cooperation and communication environment are implemented.

The satisfaction and commitment survey of the staff, “HEDNO listens: we build the future together”, aimed at ensuring that all employees are harmonized with the Company’s strategy and targets. At the same time, the survey results shall be used to take decisions about the improvement of the work conditions, administration environment and the formation of a modern corporate culture.

Apart from the considerable benefits for the environment and the consumers, the operational program of HEDNO contributes significantly to the growth of the Greek economy but also to research, development and innovation.

The investment program of HEDNO, according to the 5-year Business Plan, forecasts EUR 1.2 billion for investments in total. The amount of EUR 200 million is invested every year in HEDNO projects, of which more than 15% is for investments for HEDNO modernization. From these sums, domestic added value amounts to 80% for standard consumer and network improvements, and to 50% for large-scale construction projects and modernization projects. This means that approximately EUR 150 million is poured in the Greek market through our investment costs which translates to approximately 10,000 jobs.

In addition, HEDNO annual operating costs are in the order of EUR 400 million. Approximately EUR 370 million is poured in the Greek market through the operating costs, an amount corresponding to 23,000 full-time jobs.

In other words, HEDNO’s business as a total generates around 33,000 direct full-time jobs per year in the country.

Furthermore, the transition to the networks of the future shall create new business opportunities for many companies, especially small and medium ones, that shall be given the opportunity to develop new applications for the Smart Grids but also find many other solutions.

Through the Smart Grids, the Greek industry can also upgrade its manufacture activity.

The opportunities provided by the Smart Grids for Research and Development are many since Greek universities and research centers shall be able to develop their own know-how in this field.

Moreover, a key strategic framework for HEDNO is research and development with emphasis on innovation and the introduction of new planning, operation and management practices of the electricity distribution networks.

HEDNO is an active member of EDSO for Smart Grids but also of other European and international organizations, such as Eurelectric, Cigre, Cired, ETIP SNET etc.

The Company is well known at a national and European level for its big participation in Community research programs and it closely cooperates with academic institutes and research bodies.