Item:  Tender 501808/5.12.2019 for the provision of supervision, maintenance and reinforcement of wooden poles at 59 Administrative Regions of HEDNO S.A.

– Cancellation of parts of the above tender.

- Appointment of provisional contractors for the assignment of the services described for the other parts.

The Board of Directors approved:

  1. the rejection of the financial offer of economic operator TSALTABASIS THOMAS & Co Ltd. (BALKAN ELECTRIC), as inadmissible, due to major discrepancies in relation to the terms of the tender,
  2. partial cancellation of tender 501808/5.12.2019, for the following parts of the tender/HEDNO Regions:
  • “Central Greece Division/ALIVERI REGION”, «”Central Greece Division/LIVADEIA REGION”, “Peloponnese-Epirus Division/ AGRINIO REGION”, “Peloponnese-Epirus Division/ARTA REGION”, “Peloponnese-Epirus Division/KERKIRA REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/CENTRAL THESSALONIKI REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/ALEXANDROUPOLI REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/KASTORIA REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/ KOMOTINI REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/ XANTHI REGION”, “Macedonia-Thrace Division/POLIGIROS REGION”, “Islands Division/WESTERN CYCLADES REGION” and “Islands Division/SYROS REGION”, for which no offer was submitted.
  • “Macedonia-Thrace Division/ FLORINA REGION”, for which no admissible offer was submitted.
  • “Central Greece Division/AMFISSA REGION”, for which no extension was granted regarding the validity of the only offer which was submitted.
  1. the appointment of provisional contractors, for all other forty-four (44) parts of the tender/HEDNO Regions, of the economic operators on the Provisional Contractors Table.


Item:  Tender 517808/25.10.2018 of communication services to cover the telemetering needs for Smart Low Voltage Electronic Meter with mobile SIM cards.

Partial cancellation of the above-mentioned tender as per amendment of decision 2478/21.11.2019 of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors approved the amendment of BoD decision 2478/21.11.2019 regarding the appointment of economic operator «COSMOTE – MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A.» as the provisional contractor for Table B of tender no. 517808/25.10.2018 and the cancellation of the tender regarding this Table, due to changes in the needs of HEDNO S.A.


Item:  Approval of the Regulations on the Operation of the Remuneration and Recruitment Committee and the Control and Supplies Committee.

The Board of Directors approved the Regulations on the Operation of the Remuneration and Recruitment and the Control and Supplies Committees of HEDNO S.A. 


Item:  Approval for the access of HEDNO SA to the Internet Banking service.

The Board of Directors approved the adjustment of BoD decision 15/12.2.2015, on INTERNET BANKING transactions regarding the organizational changes in HEDNO SA as well as the BoD record template required by EUROBANK S.A.