Item:  -  Establishment of the Board of Directors.

–  Election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

–  Election of CEO

–  HEDNO S.A. representation.– Assignment of responsibilities

 The Board of Directors decided:

  1. the establishment of the Board of Directors upon the election of the Board of Directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholder of the Company on 17.10.2019;
  2. the election of Mr. Nikolaos Bakatselos as Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  3. the election of Mr. Anastasios Manos as CEO.

Following the above, the Board of Directors shall consist of the following persons:

  1. Nikolaos Bakatselos, father’s name Alexandros, independent non-executive member, Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  2. Anastasios Manos, father’s name Georgios, executive member, CEO;
  3. Socrates Vertellis, father’s name Dionysios, independent non-executive member, Member;
  4. Ioannis Dimitriadis, father’s name Petros, independent non-executive member, Member;
  5. Christina Lappa, father’s name Athanasios, independent non-executive member, Member;
  6. Konstantinos Masouras, father’s name Theofanis, employees’ representative, Member
  7. Aikaterini Onoufriadou, father’s name Odysseas, independent non-executive member, Member;
  8. Elias Padouvas, father’s name Emmanuel, independent non-executive member, Member;
  9. Dimitrios Santixes, father’s name Pantelis, independent non-executive member, Member;

The term of all eight (8) board members will end on 16.10.2022.

The term of the employees’ representative will end on 27.6.2022.

Regarding the assignment of responsibilities - HEDNO S.A. representation, the following BoD decisions are in force and validated:

  1. 328/22.10.2015
  2. 327/22.10.2015
  3. 139/5.12.2013, para.3
  4. 46/18.4.2013.