The following documents are required so as the site power supply to become permanent:


A.   For the elaboration of the study, the following documents are required:

1.     Application for new connection (HEDNO document)

2.     Certified copy of the Building Permit by the Town Planning Agency bearing its stamp, for the PERMANENT SUPPLY. For the beginning of the power supply procedure, a photocopy of the building permit is sufficient as long as it is certified by a Public authority or the police or by KEP with the presentation of the original document.

3.     Commitment or exemption from the obligation to construct a Substation issued by the competent HEDNO S.A. service, when the construction exceeds the 2,500 m3 or Sworn Statement of the owner or the Engineer for constructions smaller than 2,500 m3 with maximum coverage of the floor area ratio. In cases where the substation is compulsory, a concession contract (purchase or lease) should be signed prior to the power supply connection.

4.     Statement for the maximum current link of the elevator where necessary (HEDNO document).


Β.   For the construction of the PERMANENT supply, the signature of a connection agreement with HEDNO S.A. is required (Law 2773/99 and 3426/05), as well as the payment of a sum for the power supply expenses.

C.   For the PERMANENT power supply (connection of the inner electrical installation), the submission of the following documents is required:

1.   Copy of the building permit or the relevant document certified by the competent Town Planning Agency bearing the specific stamp for PPC (Law 1512/1985, Law 2242/1994, Regulation 61/1985 etc), provided that it is not submitted in stage A’.

2.   Contract for purchase or lease of the Substation area, in case this Substation is compulsory (L. 4483/65, article 12), provided that it was not submitted in the stage of power supply construction.

3.   Licensed Electrician Certification (L. 4483/1965  &  L. 2302/1995).

4.   Approval by the competent Tax office and specifically, the Licensed Electrician Certification should be certified by the competent Tax office of the owner and the electrician, if the building permit is issued before 31.12.1994. (Ministry of Finance regulation ΠΟΛ 1118/30.05.1990).

5. Sworn Statement for the purpose of calculating the Municipal Charges, Municipal Taxes, Real Estate Tax, certified by the competent Municipality (L.25/1975, L.1080/1980 and L.2130/199393 & L. 3979/2011).

6.   Statement of meter representation by the Supplier (Power Supply Purchasing Code - Greek Government Gazette 832/τΒ’/09.04.2013)

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