Internationally recognized Organization "The Smile of the Child” has been, for years and nationwide, implementing effective and direct actions for preventing and addressing particular issues that pose a threat to children.

To this date, “The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1,200,000 children and their families. Children who have been victims of any form of violence, missing children, children with health problems, children living in or threatened by poverty, have found shelter through the Organization.

The Organization is supported by donations and sponsorships as well as voluntary work.

Since 2001, The Smile of the Child runs a home in Kerkira.

The Home at Kerkira is not just a house, but a wonderful farm. The building is dated to 1730 and opened its doors in 2001.

It extends across a large land, covered mainly by olive trees and other plants. It also has a number of animals (ostriches, deer, horses as well as chickens, dogs, rabbits etc.) The Monastery of Koimisi tis Theotokou and its land, Agioi Apostoloi, stand out enhancing the beautiful surroundings and highlighting the tradition and century-long history of the location.

Today, the Home raises 19 children from 4.5 to 20 years of age.

The children remain under the protection of the Organization even after they become adults. The Smile of the Child remains by their side and provides its support throughout their personal growth and choices.

Their gradual independence and change of home is a very important step.

This year, the children of the Organization from Kerkira realizing this important step are two boys and three girls.

HEDNO remains true to its commitment for aiding the future of the new generation, and as part of its corporate social responsibility actions and its support to socially vulnerable groups, particularly children, is systematically supporting the actions of The Smile of the Child, this time, by covering part of the living costs of these adult children in Kerkira, to help improve the quality of life of children who are in need.

Thank you Letter by "The Smile of the Child" Association