In the context of the Municipality of Athens campaign “Athens 2018 World Book Capital”, HEDNO, acknowledging in practice its share of responsibility towards the society and the environment, has given permission for the creation of a public mural by the “Alternative Forms of Culture-Urbanact” society on a wall surface of its building on Kerameikou street, housing the Network Major Installations Department.

The civil non-profit society “Alternative Forms of Culture- Urbanact” has been creating public murals since 2002, within the context of the beautiful city programme, with free spaces for creation and expression against uniformity and the aesthetic of “grey”.

This action is the fourth mural that UrbanAct creates, following murals in three schools of the Municipality of Athens (52nd Primary School, 26th Primary School, Single Special Junior and Senior High School) and is the first “Bookmural” created in a space outside a school.

The mural’s theme is “Athens Stories” and was successfully completed. The participating artists were Same84 and Kez, while people (residents of the area, onlookers and city visitors) watched live the creation of the mural and had the chance to meet and talk with them.

The “aesthetic” protection of the environment is another key target, with priority given to the construction of underground networks in traditional settlements or settlements of special interest (in terms of culture or tourism) and actions such as the aesthetic restoration of building facades, as a tool for the improvement of the city image and the upgrade of the quality of life.