HEDNO demonstrating social responsibility responded to a request from “The Smile of the Child” to support the Organization by financing the works for the supply and installation of fire detectors and leakage relays in the Organization's Karea community home worth 1,800.00 EUR.

It is a building that was given to the Association by the Social Center for Social Solidarity (ΕΚΚΑ) where currently 27 children aged between 2.5 and 18 years old are hosted and taken care of. It is an old building and there were particular issues that had to be addressed for the safety of the children.

The internationally recognized Organization "The Smile of the Child” has been implementing for years nationwide effective and direct actions for preventing and addressing particular issues that pose a threat to children.

The Organization is supported by donations and sponsorships as well as voluntary work.

As part of its social responsibility HEDNO supports vulnerable social groups and especially children aiming to improve their quality of life.

Thank you Letter.