HEDNO proceeded to the donation of materials and technical equipment that exceed 22,000 euros for further improvement and enhancement of the good operation of the Burn Intensive Care Unit in the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. PAPANIKOLAOU”.

HEDNO shows particular sensitivity to issues referring to the cure of burns and through its new initiative estimates that it will contribute significantly to the improvement of the operation of this Unit.

The equipment – including portable respiratory device, portable monitor of the patient’s vital functions as well as video-laryngoscopy system for difficult intubations – will be used for patients with severe burns who need intensive care and hospitalization.

The Burn Intensive Care Unit in the General Hospital “G. PAPANIKOLAOU” was insugurated in June 2001 and constitues the first modern Burn Intensive Care Unit in Northern Greece with potentiality of 6 beds in Intensive Care with self-contained operating room, especially formed shock room and human skin tissue Bank.
In the Unit, heavy burn cases are hospitalized from all over Greece, from the initial phase of burn shock while the percentages for complete cure are very high.

The donation is integrated within HEDNO’s Social Corporate Responsibility with main pillar the continuous care for the protection of the Citizen and the Corporation’s employees, strengthening at the same time its relations with the Society through the development of cooperation with its Bodies.