It is the third year that HEDNO has responded immediately to the invitation of the Body for the Management of the Nestos-Vistonida-Ismarida delta, so as to participate in the scheme for the ringing of White Storks chicks.

The specific scheme is incorporated into the framework of White Stork Monitoring and its importance is significant for the listing of chicks. During this year’s listing, the ringing of 99 White Stork chicks was implemented in 35 nests, 10 habitats in the National Park of Eastern Macedonia Thrace.

HEDNO’s Department of Macedonia Thrace Region provided vehicles equipped with baskets, operators and overhead network technicians, so as to implement efficiently and safely the procedure of chicks ringing.

HEDNO, within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility is cooperating closely with the competent bodies and organizations aiming at the protection of rare bird species and responds immediately to their invitation for tasks relative to nest cleaning, installation of artificial baskets, as well as dealing with emergency cases to free birds.

The active participation in the protection of fauna and flora of our country is included in the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy applied by HEDNO with main axis the continuous care for the protection of the environment.

Letter by the Body for the Management of the delta of Nestos-Vistonida-Ismarida

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