A very significant project of social contribution was implemented with the voluntary participation of HEDNO’s personnel at Periyali district in Kavala with the transformation of PPC’s property area into a sports center.

In detail, the Kavala Area of the Macedonia-Thrace Region Department transformed an area with total surface of 8 acres into a modern sports center in which children and citizens of all ages will be able to work out.

HEDNO’s personnel worked voluntarily for cleaning and beautification of the area, restoration and maintenance of the fences and doors, while at the same time proceeded also to the installation of special constructions for the service provision of the athletes and visitors.

The project was appreciated by the local community and the sports associations of the area which expressed their gratitude to HEDNO’s personnel, as well as their intention to honor the executives of the Kavala Region with an award for their initiative.

The strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility adopted by HEDNO includes its active participation in projects of aesthetic upgrade and also its contribution to the social events of the country aiming at the development of firm bonds with the local communities.

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