To offer support to people at risk, HEDNO offered donation to the Greek Council for Refugees through the “PYXIDA” initiative for the integration of families and children.

The Greek Council for Refugees is a non-Governmental Organization which operates since 1989 for issues pertaining to asylum and human rights in Greece. Through the “PYXIDA” Intercultural Center which is operating since 1996, GCR provides support in psychosocial and legal matters, education and cultural orientation and activities for adults but most importantly for the children of the refugees as well as unaccompanied minors.

As part of its Corporate Responsibility, HEDNO believes that it is imperative to continue and broaden these initiatives.

It is reminded that HEDNO, since 2015, the year that the refugee crisis emerged, has carried out a plethora of initiatives for the support of the refugees and the immigrants who are entering the country, through motivating the Company employees to regularly gather basic goods but also through donating equipment that can be used in refugee rescue operations in the marine zone of the Northeastern Aegean and the immediate implementation of works in the Network for supplying and opening necessary accommodation facilities across Greece.

Thank you Letter