In the context of the corporate social responsibility, HEDNO, following the request of the 95th National Guard Higher Command with its seat in Rhodes, the Ministry of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense General Staff, donated critical required materials (batteries) to improve the existing photovoltaic system on the rock islands of Rho and Strongyli, resulting in their full energy autonomy, the increase of their operational readiness and the facilitation of the life of the people living on them.

The equipment was delivered to the Defense Command of Meghisti island by HEDNO’s staff, headed by the General Director of Network Development and Operation, Mr. Heracles Menagatos, during the celebrations held on 13.9.2019, on the occasion of the 76th Liberation of Kastelorizo, in the presence of the political and military leadership of Greece.

Also present from HEDNO were: Messrs Antonis Daskalakis, Director of the Directorate for the Island Region, and Konstantinos Niotakis, Director of Rhodes Region, and from the Political and Military leadership the Deputy Minister of Defense, Mr. Alkiviades Stefanis, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Member of the Parliament for the Dodecanese, Mr. Manos Konsolas, Ms Mika Iatridi and Messrs Ioannis Pappas, Vasilis Ipsilantis and Nektarios Santorinios, Members of the Parliament for the Dodecanese, the Regional Governor for South Aegean, Mr. Georgios Chatzimarkos, the Mayors of Meghisti and Rhodes Islands, Messrs Georgios Sampsakos and Antonis Kampourakis, the Vice Admiral, Mr. Nikolaos Tsounis, the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, the Lieutenant General, Mr. Georgios Dimitropoulos, the Commanding General of the Higher Military Command of the Interior and Islands and the Major General, Mr. Nikolaos Flaris, Commander of the 95th National Guard Higher Command.

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, Mr. Menegatos stated: “HEDNO has always supported and shall continue to strategically support such actions of national significance, acknowledging in practice the responsibility corresponding to it towards the society, in particular in critically sensitive matters of national interest and social cohesion”.

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