Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility Section activities, aiming at the support of families in difficult economic situation and with the opportunity of Christmas 2013 holidays, HEDNO gathered goods for the “families living next door” in Athens and Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the Voluntary Communication & Rescue Team RSF Hellas and Disaster Response Team OMAK- volunteers of Kalamaria.

The two cooperating Teams, which consist entirely of volunteers, provide free of charge training programs for volunteer Teams and civilians on issues such as search and rescue of missing people, rescue of trapped victims from earthquakes and car accidents, fire-distinguishing, planning of rescue operations during natural or technological disasters etc.
These Teams participate also in National and International Exercises on regular time periods.

During holidays, goods and gift vouchers were delivered by HEDNO’s Corporate Social Responsibility Section to the President of RSF Hellas Team, Mr. Samaltanos Andreas and by the executives of Macedonia-Thrace Region Department to the President of OMAK, Mr. Yiotis Chrisostomos.

Offering to society is directly attached to HEDNO’s business culture. We will continue to promote similar actions, recognizing the necessity to support socially vulnerable citizens within the present period of economic distress.

Thanking letters by RSF Hellas and ΟΜΑΚ –Volunteers of Kalamaria are attached.