HEDNO provided food for the free meal program addressed to impoverished families of the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia – Nea Chalkidona.

HEDNO has immediately responded to the municipality's call for an active engagement in the meal programs and in-kind contribution by offering fresh food to the Social Grocery of the Municipal Welfare Undertaking.

The Municipality of Nea Philadelphia - Chalkidona operates social welfare programs whose aim is to cover the basic needs of the participating residents, to maintain and improve their quality of life and also to support their families.

It should be noted that a similar in-kind contribution had been made to the Municipality of Nea Philadelphia – Nea Chalkidona in February 2016 by offering food to Municipality's impoverished families.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, HEDNO has been active by developing actions aiming to improve the quality of life in communities where HEDNO operates, showing that business activity must and is indeed capable of developing in parallel with contributing to society, especially to its most sensitive parts.