As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility actions for the support of socially vulnerable groups, HEDNO S.A. and its employees support the work of the “FRONTIDA” (Care) Association for yet another year.

“FRONTIDA” is a Panhellenic Association for the prevention, information and support of people with cerebral palsy, mental handicap and Down syndrome. It is recognized as a non-profit charity organization. Through actions such as the collection of basic-need products for the ‘social supermarket’ of the Association, HEDNO S.A. and its employees have been supporting the Association's work since 2013, recognizing the effort made to cover the needs of the beneficiaries and their families.

HEDNO S.A. with the participation of its employees, by supporting and facilitating the Association's work, it further strengthens its ties with the society where it operates, proving in practice, that contributing to society is inextricably linked with its business culture.

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