HEDNO transmits energy to each and every corner of Greece, boasting its presence all over the country. A key pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is the development of stable ties with the local societies. In this context, it undertook the support of RHODES RUN GREECE event on 1 October 2017.

RHODES RUN GREECE was for the first time held by the Dodecanese Association of Athletic Clubs, EAS SEGAS DODECANESE, under the umbrella of RUN GREECE and was a special athletic and cultural event for the island of Rhodes.

RUN GREECE is at its 5th year of life and has been implemented in 7 big regional cities in Greece. More than 1500 runners, Greek and foreign guests, participated in the event in Rhodes in the 5km and 10km run around the Medieval Town and about 450 elementary school students participated in the 1000m children’s run.

HEDNO supports initiatives of social or cultural character, promotes and actively participates in actions advancing communication, team work, fair competition and the athletic ideal aiming at improving the citizens’ quality of life.