As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, HEDNO actively supports, for the fifth consecutive year, retired sailing athlete Mr PATERAKIS Nikolaos, member of the SPARTAKOS Disabled Athlete Sports Association, to promote sports as the driver behind social change through bolstering values, qualities and the elimination of equal opportunities. 
Athlete PATERAKIS Nikolaos has rich athletic history with numerous distinctions in various events including the 2004 Summer Paralympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics, where he achieved the 8th and the 7th place in sailing, respectively. In March 2015 he achieved the first place in the Athens Eurolymp Week, qualifying for the 2015 Para World Sailing Championships at Melbourne. The World Championships offered the opportunity to qualify for the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where Mr PATERAKIS Nikolaos made it to the 18th place in a total of thirty two (32) countries. 
This year, and in order to further support his athletic career, HEDNO S.A. donated a new set of sails and partly covered the travelling expenses to the Sailing World Championships that will be held in Sheboygan, USA, in September 2018. Already, his hard work in Pastrikakeia (5 & 6 May 2018), which saw the participation of 520 athletes in 21 different boat categories, gave him the gold medal, while he also brought 6 victories in 6 races of his category. 
HEDNO, with its concrete support of athlete Paterakis Nikolaos, also helps towards the promotion of our country in world sports and championships. 
Please see below photos from the “2018 PASTRIKAKEIA” event.