The internationally recognized Organization "The Smile of the Child” has been implementing for years and nationwide effective and direct actions for preventing and addressing particular issues that pose a threat to children.

To this date, “The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1,200,000 children and their families. Children who are victims of any form of violence, missing children, children with health problems, children living in poverty or threatened by poverty, have found shelter under the Organization, whose actions are entirely based on donations and sponsorships as well as voluntary social work.

The Smile of the Child, just like every parent who always stands by the side of their children, is there for every child to support their personal development and choices. This growth is a very important step in their transition to adulthood and their gradual independence and change of home. One of the children at the Organization that is currently moving forward is Giorgos T.

HEDNO, as part of its corporate social responsibility, is always helping vulnerable social groups, particularly children, and systematically supports initiatives by the Smile of the Child, this time by providing financial support for covering the annual living costs of Giorgos T.

Giorgos, since 2003, at the age of 3 and until today, is receiving support by the Smile of the Child. In particular, he was living in one of the Houses of the Organization until he reached adulthood. Despite all difficulties, Giorgos, with the continuous care and support by the Smile of the Child, grew into a wonderful, mature adult with a great personality and many dreams for the future. It is worth noting that he has an inclination for the arts. Today, having completed secondary education, he is studying at a photography school, he is independent and he lives in an apartment of the Organization.

HEDNO will continue to demonstrate social responsibility by supporting people-oriented initiatives, particularly those associated with young people and their social and intellectual growth.

Thank you Letter by the “Smile of the Child” Association