More than 3,000 students of primary and secondary education have visited the installations of HEDNO’s School in Athens since its foundation (May 2012) until today, so as to be informed on issues relative to electricity, the operation of the Electricity Distribution Network as well as the protection of the environment.

The Corporate Social Responsibility strategy adopted by HEDNO gives specific importance to citizens’ education and information from early ages in matters that refer to electricity.

Within this framework, the Corporation organizes visits in its school in Athens and through special interactive projects developed, students have the possibility to be informed through a particularly entertaining and educational way on the operation of the Electricity Distribution Network, the benefits and dangers of electricity, the ways of power saving, as well as the role of the Renewable Energy Sources.

The promotion of educational actions is considered as a commitment for HEDNO aiming at the continuation and expansion of educational actions as well as constant upgrade of the informative projects offered to the student community.