As part of its policy on corporate responsibility and its partnership with Agencies and Organizations for the protection of the environment and human life and legacy, HEDNO S.A. covered the purchase of one computer and one roof video projector for the Regional Fire Department of the Ionian Islands to enhance its business planning.

The Regional Fire Department of the Ionian Islands is a decentralized local agency which is running under the Fire Fighting Operations Division. It instructed, coordinated and supervised by the Deputy Chief of Fire Fighting Operations. One of its recent initiatives was the standard, annual forest fire training for the officers and the personnel of the Kerkira Fire Fighting Service. The training lasted for one month and included theory-based and practical courses attended by volunteer members of the Hellenic Rescue Team. The training focused on analyzing the causes and risks caused by forest fires, how to deal with them and the cooperation between volunteers and the personnel of the Fire Fighting Service.

Moreover, as part of its planning to ensure fire protection in the old town and with the financial support from the Municipality of Kerkira, the Kerkira Fire Fighting Service published a leaflet with instructions for fire prevention and ways to deal with during the initial stages.

HEDNO S.A. prioritizes environmental protection and firefighting, not only for protecting the electricity network which extends across hundreds of kilometers through forest areas but also for actively contributing towards the protection of flora and fauna through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.