For the 4th consecutive year and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan as well as its involvement in electro-mobility, HEDNO sponsored the Aristotle University Racing Team Electric (ARIST.U.R.T.LE), a student research team at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUT), to support the construction of the fourth and so far most advanced one-seat electric race car in North Greece to help the team participate in the trial races of the European competitions in 2019.

The Aristotle University Racing Team Electric (ARIST.U.R.T.LE) is a student research team at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUT) that designs and manufactures electric race cars and participates in the international competitions of Formula Student FSAE.

The group was founded in October 2013 and throughout its brief history it has achieved significant international distinctions showcasing the hard work and skills of the students. Those six years, ARIST.U.R.T.LE. has managed to design, manufacture and compete with four fully functional electric one-seat race cars. The team has also participated in international competitions, most of which are the most recognized and demanding Formula Student competitions.

More specifically, in 2019, ARIST.U.R.T.LE. climbed at the 3rd place in the general leader board of Formula SAE Italy competition with its fourth upgraded one-seat car under the name “Themis”.

Electro-mobility is one of HEDNO’s top priorities at the moment, as part of its strategy to promote sustainable development, tackle climate change and boost Greek economy. When it comes to the promotion of electro-mobility, the development of public infrastructure for vehicle charging is essential. However, these facilities are still rare in our country, making the conversion to electro-mobility all the more difficult.

HEDNO actively supports young scientists who work in the fields of science and technology, environmentally-friendly research and innovation, actively acknowledging its share of responsibility towards society and the environment.

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