HEDNO, in the framework of corporate social responsibility and always standing by local societies, has undertaken for the 2nd consecutive year to support the RHODES RUN GREECE event on 14 October 2018.

RHODES RUN GREECE is held for the second consecutive year by the Dodecanese Track and Field Clubs EAS SEGAS DODECANESE, in the framework of the competition RUN GREECE.

RUN GREECE is now at its 6th year and has been held in 8 big regional cities in Greece. This event, with the participation of over 2500 athletes, is of special athletic and cultural significance for Rhodes.

HEDNO has always supported initiatives of social or cultural nature, recognizing the Company's responsibility towards the society; This is true in particular for the island of Rhodes where HEDNO supports the development of its infrastructures and invests on activities, such as the construction of the new Distribution Center for the reliable, efficient and safe operation of the electricity network of the city.