On 10 November 2019, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and in order to promote sportsmanship and the protection of human rights, HEDNO participated in one of the largest sports events in our country with global reach: the Authentic Athens Marathon. HEDNO participated in the event through the Amnesty International organization.

Amnesty International is a global movement with over 7,000,000 members fighting for a just and fair world, the protection of human rights and dignity.

This year’s Amnesty International participation in the Marathon was focused around education on human rights in schools through its Educational Program.

HEDNO’s employees raced wearing the Amnesty International shirt in all Marathon races: 5, 10 and 42 km

The Authentic Marathon was a celebration of sports, culture and society and HEDNO's team raced to show its support for human rights in line with its corporate values: strength, will, fair competition and solidarity.

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