As part of its Corporate Responsibility actions which are aiming towards supporting socially vulnerable groups, particularly children, HEDNO donated two (2) refrigerators, two (2) kitchen stoves and two (2) dehumidifiers to help cover the needs of the village and considering that there is a risk for it to be closed.

The “Greek Children's Village” at Filyro is a recognized non-profit organization based in Thessaloniki. It is independent of International Organizations and agencies, it is not institutional in its nature and it is the first Greek Children’s Village. The village (previously known as the “Children’s Village of Northern Greece”) was founded to respond to the lack of space for the long-time accommodation of orphans and abandoned children or children coming from a problematic family environment. It was created to cover the need for child protection which is not institutional in nature but provides family support and safety. Today, it runs eight (8) houses with thirty eight (38) children. 

The objective of the Greek Children’s Village is to provide permanent care, education, accommodation and psychological support to the children on the basis of the principles specified by Pedagogy and Psychology.

By making this donation, HEDNO enhances the Corporate Social Responsibility profile of the Company and builds stronger bonds with the local community.


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