HEDNO, with its constant pursue for the protection of the society and its participation in voluntary programmes, proceeded to the free of charge provision of the Corporation’s used vehicle of ambulance type to the Voluntary Communication & Rescue Team RSF Hellas.

The vehicle will be used by the Team, as mobile first aid vehicle and mobile medical practice within the framework of voluntary actions during natural disasters (earthquakes, fire, etc.) as well as for free educational programmes that are realized within the whole Greek territory.
The first “official circulation” of the ambulance was realized on Sunday 9.11.2014, within the framework of the 32nd Classic Marathon in Athens for material transportation, secretarial support and facilitation of communications of RSF Hellas Team, the role of which included the medical coverage of 13 first aid stations, in cooperation with the personnel of the National Emergency aid Center.

With the donation of the ambulance, HEDNO supports the significant work of the Team with which cooperation is established since Christmas 2013. Corporation’s employees gathered food and basic necessities and supported “families living next door” in Athens and Thessaloniki. The action is incorporated within the wider policy of Corporate Social Responsibility reinforcing its relations with the society through the development of cooperation.