As part of corporate responsibility policy, HEDNO sponsored upgrading works for the indoor electricity infrastructure for the Railway Carriage Theater “To Treno sto Roof” after receiving a relevant call from the non-profit organization AXANA Arts Company.

AXANA Arts Company is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1996 by recognized artists and culture personalities and runs under the administrative and art directorship of actress-director Tatiana Ligari. Its aim is to promote contemporary Greek Culture in Greece and abroad, the new artistic movements of our country and the implementation of innovative ideas in art performance.

It has been linked with the creation of the unique Railway-Theater concept, the Railway Carriage Theater “To Treno sto Roof”, which is a global innovation in the world of culture and provides a one-of-a-kind understanding on the function and the aesthetics of theater space. The Company runs several other forms of Art, including music, visual arts, literature, cinema, video art, photography etc. The Railway Carriage Theater “To Treno sto Roof” initiative helped in promoting the area of Roof in Athens and became a pole of attraction for the cultural community by upgrading the neighborhood and helping to transform it into a cultural hub of innovation in Athens.

The Company’s goal is to raise the level of artistic performance and offer quality educational and entertainment events to audiences and young people. Above all, through its cultural and educational initiatives and the upgrading of its facilities, it aims towards maintaining the unique Railway-Theater concept which was created and is still running in Greece while also offering job positions.

By supporting AXANA, HEDNO once again implements an action that helps support the art and cultural world and promote their importance in contemporary society. Through this support, it also demonstrates that business activity must and has the potential to go hand in hand with social responsibility.


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