HEDNO, as social partner with intense environmental sensitivity within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility, participated in renovation works of the Scout Center in Parnitha, turning a dream into reality.

In detail, at the beginning of 2014, the Hellenic Scout Organization asked for HEDNO’s contribution into the implementation of renovation works in the Scout Center of Parnitha, a forestall building in the North Eastern side of Parnitha (Katsimidi area) where actions of environmental nature are taking place.

In the past, it was used to host scouts’ teams from all over Greece as well as voluntary organizations (for e.g. Red Cross, National Youth Board, etc.). The building was significantly damaged by its use during the catastrophic fire that surrounded it, so as children were not able to participate into different environmental events (training for the development of healthy environmental consciousness, study and protection of the environment etc.).  

It is worth pointing out that the specific building is used by fire protection teams during summer period and, also, it was used as an operation center during the catastrophic earthquakes of Parnitha.  Implementing the radical renovation of “Konstantinos Avgoustinos Center” by its own resources and a lot of personal work, the Hellenic Scouts Movement Organization aims at the operation of the Center as:

- Environmental information center for all visitors of the Area,

- Scouts’ training center for children between the ages of 7 and 18 and

- Unit for fire protection, observation and supply of fire-extinguishing means.

Additionally, within the framework of the Corporation’s informative actions related to electricity, HEDNO provided educative material so as the children and their accompanying persons to be informed during their stay on electricity, its benefits and risks.

”Krikos” pages 18-19, the magazine of the Hellenic Scouts Movement Organization

Thanking note uploaded to the 15th Scouts System website

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