HEDNO has offered rescue equipment to support the work of the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT - EOD) participating in the 'AEGEAS' program for the rescue of refugees in the Eastern Aegean Sea.

HEDNO has immediately responded to HRT’s call for additional aid to the search and rescue operations for refugees arriving in Greece and, in particular, in the Eastern Aegean Sea (on the islands of Kos, Lesvos and Samos), by donating rescue equipment, which is also used in other cases of operations at sea for the rescue of other people at risk.

The Hellenic Rescue Team is a certified, volunteering non-governmental organization. The NGO is situated in Thessaloniki and works as a search and rescue team. Its action spreads over 31 branches across Greece, with approximately 2,500 volunteers nation-wide participating in search and rescue operations in emergencies and large-scale destructions in Greece and abroad, thus safeguarding human life.

It should be reiterated that HEDNO had responded actively since the very first moment to the call for a significant contribution to the severe refugee crisis faced by our country, both by speeding up crew work to supply the adequate accommodation facilities with electricity and implementing humanitarian aid actions by its motivated staff.

Thank you note by the Hellenic Rescue Team

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